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Social responsibility at DZyzzion


'Walk your talk'


Trough many beautiful projects we contribute on a daily basis to a better world, together with many partners. that is our core business. Of course we also try to make conscious decisions when it concerns our own management. Walk your talk!


Often we hear small entrepreneurs say that they won't make any difference. But, if at home you are conscious about your energy and waste, and you support a charity or local initiative, why won't you do the same as a small entrepreneur?


We endorse the CSR-principles of the international guidelines of ISO 26000 and always strive to make conscious decisions about people and planet.


  • DZyzzion always provides open and fair information about its services. Quotations are very transparent and our terms and conditions are always included. On our website clients can see what we do in order to be as sustainable as possible.

  • DZyzzion operates in a network of independent professionals and companies. We work together on the basis of a common vision and passion. We make honest agreements about tasks and responsibilities, remunerations etc.

  • DZyzzion always looks critically at the CSR-policy of its suppliers. Preferably we buy with local suppliers. For products from developing countries we use Fair Trade products as much as possible.

  • DZyzzion's website is hosted CO2-neutrally at Greenhost, a provider who also works actively on freedom of Internet and other social issues.

  • DZyzzion has a bank account at the Triodos Bank, one of the most sustainable banks of The Netherlands and even world-wide.

  • DZyzzion strives to optimize its environmental performance, which is being monitored with the online Envirometer.

  • DZyzzion produces almost no waste. Because we work almost 100% digitally, our paper waste is almost zero. The few sheets we still use per year have an EU Ecolabel. Our businesscards are printed on sustainable Stone Paper.

  • Since July 1st, 2016 we operate completely fossil free, by driving 100% electric (see blog, in Dutch) and generating the required energy by solar panels. On a yearly basis, we produce excess solar energy of about 2.000 kWh for the grid. The electricity purchased at night and in winter periods is 100% windpower from The Netherlands by Greenchoice. The office space is heated by infrared panels, so we do not use any natural gas.

  • Our environmental performance is calculated with the Envirometer. Our CO2-emissions over the past few years were already very low and were compensated by Gold Standard credits, which also contribute to projects in developing countries. Since the first of July 2016 our CO2-emissions are zero. Therefore, no compensation is needed anymore.

  • Click here for our public CO2-footprint and the full Envirometer report for 2019 (both in Dutch).


We always have an open mind for new ideas. Tips? Please let us know.

Tesla Model S of DZyzzion
Logo of CSR Netherlands

DZyzzion is partner of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands). Download our CSR-manifesto here (in Dutch).

Link to Ambition 2020 of CSR Netherlands

DZyzzion is participant of the project Ambition 2020 of MVO-Nederland. Click here for our full  ambition document (in Dutch)

Link to website of the Envirometer

DZyzzion's environmental performance is monitored with the Envirometer. We also use this instrument in our advisory work.

Link to website of the Dutch Climate Coalition

DZyzzion is partner of the Dutch Climate Coalition (Nederlandse Klimaatcoalitie). This is an initiative of the Ministry of infrastructure and environment, MVO Nederland and the NGO Natuur & Milieu. The participants are committed to have a climate neutral organization as soon as possible, but ultimately in 2050, and they actively involve their business partners and customers. In doing so, participants are ambassadors for this ambition. Find a brochure and the code of conduct here (in Dutch).

In 2017, DZyzzion has won the Climate Award of the Dutch Climate Coalition!

Read more (in Dutch)

DZyzzion wins the Climate Award 2017 of the Dutch Climate Coalition

DZyzzion is partner of the CSR-coalition for the Northern Netherlands and received a CSR-certificate in 2018.

CSR-certificate DZyzzion
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