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Besides entrepreneur I am also a musician. In music it is all about cooperation. Every musician plays his own instrument and his own scores, but together they make beautiful music, by listening to each other and perfectly tuning in. That's why I like to work together with like-minded people who persue their ambitions with passion. I choose not to do this in a formal organization with employees at my service, but by working in a flexible network according to an 'easycratic' model. In such a model nobody is the boss. Depending on the type of project, we compose a team of independent professionals or people from small or medium sized companies (SMEs). Sometimes I am in the lead, sometimes somebody else: whatever is best for the specific purpose. Thus we always have the optimal composition for the particular goal, we stay flexible and we keep overhead low. That means profit for the client, society and ourselves and according to my vison, the way of working, organizing and cooperation in the 21st century."



Jaap de Vries



Jaap de Vries on saxophone


DZyzzion works closely together with several other companies and organizations. Below you will find a selection of our partners (in alphabetical order). Click on the logo to go to the website of the partner.

Assen voor Assen
Ballemans Advies
Clean Campagne Groningen
Duurzaam MKB
Learn to improve
MVO Alliantie Noord Nederland
Natuur en Milieufederatie Drenthe
Natuur en Milieufederatie Groningen
Rabobank Assen en Noord-Drenthe
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