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On the English version of this website, on this page we only give a short summary of our consultancy services. For specific subjects please check the footer of this page for relevant links. The language of these pages is indicated. A more detailed description can be found on our Dutch website. If you can't read Dutch but would like to know more, please contact us.

Winners of Frontrunner Award
Artist impression of the Ecomunity park
Jaap de Vries presenting the Frontrunner Project at ISO 26000 Conference in Stockholm
Sustainable business


Corporate social responsibility or sustainable entrepreneurship becomes increasingly important for businesses but also for governments and other non-commercial organizations. We see that social responsibility has become a 'licence to operate'. But real sustainable business also means that you learn how to anticipate to a changing society and how to innovate your business in view of the transition to a more sustainable society. In other words, how to develop a future-proof business. DZyzzion helps companies and other organizations to achieve this, with the right knowledge, tools and coaching.


Sustainable urban development


When dealing with area development, from new neighbourhoods to redevelopment of industrial areas, sustainablility also becomes increasingly important. Here, in every step you have to make the conscious decisions for people, planet and economy. This means that the proces of urban development also differs from the past. DZyzzion gives advice to governments and market players on how to develop future-proof urban areas.

More sustainability


Except for our two main fields of expertise, you can also ask us for advice on several other issues related to sustainability.


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