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About DZyzzion


Conscious decisions


DZyzzion – pronounce as ‘decision’ – stands for making conscious decisions. That is what sustainability is about. Decisions that help us to achieve a more sustainable world and at the same time are beneficial for your company, organization or area. Decisions that create value for people, planet and profit.


Social enterprise


DZyzzion operates as a social enterprise: an independent business which primarily aims at adding value for society. Financial soundness is an important condition, but not a goal in itself. Also read about our vision and mission.


What do we do?


Consultancy is our core business. We work for a variety of clients. We also do research and we contribute to networking and educational activities related to sustainability. Finally we also make publications. Read more about our services.


Entrepreneurship with passion


At DZyzzion we work with passion. Passion for sustainability, for our beautiful planet, for people, for entrepreneurs who love their business. We are convinced that collaboration based on a shared passion leads to the best results. The Frontrunner Projects are a nice example of this.


Who are we?


DZyzzion BV was established by Jaap de Vries. He chose to be independent and work together with other businesses in a network. We are therefore flexible, efficient and keep costs for our clients as low as possible. Of course DZyzzion also operates in a socially responsible manner.




DZyzzion is member/partner of several platforms for sustainable development and entrepreneurship. See the logos at the bottom of the page. Click the logo in order to visit the particular website.

DZyzzion staat voor het maken van duurzame keuzes. Wat zegt Wikipedia hierover?
Jaap de Vries


Civil Engineer by education. During his time at the University of Delft, he became interested in sustainability. He worked in the international arena as a consultant in sustainable urban development for many years. In 2012, he returned to a Dutch environment to become the office manager of an engineering firm. As of may 2014 he is CEO of DZyzzion.



Jaap de Vries of DZyzzion
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